End of January already

I've had a few things on my mind recently and I always find it hard to pick a thing to do when I have spare time: should I play a new game; should I play an old game; should I document a past project; should I look through the thousands of photographs I've taken over the past 15 years and try to organise them and put them on the internet (no).

Here's some things I've been thinking about doing that I should actually get on with though:

  • Write about hosting a website on a Raspberry Pi. I did do this a little while ago but the URL died so I unplugged it:

A top-down image of a Raspberry Pi computer with all of the wires plugged into the ports

  • Document the different tools I've made for owning an EV (mostly energy calculation tools)
  • Write about driving an EV in general, no idea how entertaining this would actually be, but I find it interesting thinking about kilowatts 😅
  • Have an opinion about games, here's one: Twitter →
  • Setup an RSS feed for this website, do people still do RSS?
  • Document my gym training app, it's very basic, but it's been a really good excuse for me to use Figma more, and even try out Figma Tokens. Here's a peak:

A mock-up of an app in the training state

A mock-up of an app in the resting state

  • Document building a desk, the one on my Uses page
  • Document building this timeline, and also combine this with some sort of dashboard full of personal data. I keep thinking how much data private companies have on me, and I'd like to feel like I'm in control of that data by using their APIs to extract it onto my own page, alas, effort.

It's the end of January already and I've been working too hard this month.