2022 round-up

The more I work at companies with private Github repos, the more I realise the work I do is hidden away.

In an attempt to bloody-well show off about some of these pieces of work, and give my brain a chance to reflect on a very busy year, I'll write them down:

January – March

  • Worked quite intensively on Coral, the Octopus Energy design system
  • Hugely exciting project to unify the Octopus Energy brand in both Figma and code, across the world
  • I managed ~130 commits to this new codebase in this time, which turned into even more by the end of the year, no idea if this is a brag but I am trying
  • This project comes back at the end, wait for it...

March – May

  • Making sure Coral was then sprinkled around other codebases within Octopus Energy, ensuring brand consistency, and above all, swapping out old components for new shiny ones 😏

June – August

  • Working with the team to rebuild a product called Blueprint; an internal tool to spin up new regions quickly as Octopus grew to lots of other countries around the world πŸ—ΊοΈ


  • After a very long time coming, we finally released the new Octopus Energy Careers page app. This was quite a large piece of work that involved lots of collaboration with Lever and their Data API. I went on to do a talk about how this was built at our internal "State of Front End" call.

October – December

  • Saving Sessions - Woof, this was a big one. It was like all of a sudden about 10 devs were all working on this one because: super tight deadline; super important because of the state of energy in the UK; super big impact on people's lives
  • Had good fun building this one with my team, felt like everyone really 'got it' and wanted it to be good
  • You can see some of the results of this effort here, properly mind-blowing stuff
  • Coral came back (!) and now I'll be working on it full-time going into 2023
  • I really like design systems, and I really love having an excuse to sort-of-use Figma

Quite a busy year, I'm hoping to plan some holidays properly this year, but I did say that last year.