Built using Contentful CMS for the back-end, and React / Redux for the front-end, this site was an experiment is building something that was more like an application than a traditional website. In hindsight, I would have liked this to have some more features (server-sider rendering, code splitting, etc), but as we all know, the JS ecosystem moves at a rapid pace and I had to settle with something.

A few things to note here:

React is a lovely framework to use as a developer, but I think the user experience suffered slightly because of the size of the JS that is being piped down to the user. Here is a really good talk from Nolan Lawson about web performance and good things to look out for with package managers / frameworks.

Getting used to the methodology of a framework like React is quite satisfying as you pick it up, but the organisation and structure of the codebase is something that I still have problems with. I have looked at a million boilerplates that all do different things for different reasons and I often spend more time worrying about wether something is being built "the current way" instead of what it is I am showing a user.

Visit the site here 👉